Matterdale broadband

November 29, 2010 in Info by Ali Turnbull

These are the campaign  pages for people who live or work  in Matterdale, Watermillock, Sparket or Dockray. Your broadband champions are:

Matterdale: Grant Cowley
Ulcat Row: David Harrison
Watermillock: Ali Turnbull
Sparket: to volunteer, contact Ali
Dockray: to volunteer, contact Ali

Lots more to come soon, including a survey of your needs and speeds.

Meanwhile, you might want to look at:

  • The Eden Declaration: What we want to achieve for local people
  • Benefits: Read about the benefits of faster broadband for you and your community
  • Broadband glossary: Your  “plain English” guide to some of the abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms you’ll hear and read as the campaign builds up

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