A little bit of internet history being made… twicket!

http://twicket.info/ Coverage of the first village cricket matched to be streamed live on the internet was broadcast on Easter Monday 2011 - Wray versus the rest of the world!

This is a proof of concept. If they can do a cricket match, think what else can be done… live streams from events which wouldn’t necessarily attract mainstream media coverage but which have supporters around the world. Communities can promote all sorts of events and activities - from the quirky to the bizarre to the deadly serious.

The point is that we need stronger broadband infrastructure to handle this sort of live event - and currently there are probably only three villages in the UK which could do this… just three! out of all the online communities in the UK, and Wray came up with the idea to showcase what can be done.

Over 2700 people tuned in during the match to watch it - none of those could get to watch it in person, but with a live stream could still be a part of them as they happen. It means we don’t have to wait for kind people to take pics and upload them, we don’t have to wait for someone to process their video footage and upload a film some days later. As wonderful as having those things are, we can aspire to something even better and that is live coverage such as was seen from Wray today.

It’s the first step in the journey to next generation broadband - a campaign which is actually being lead by folks from Wray village itself and it will benefit rural communities especially, as those are often at the back of the queue when it comes to technological progress.

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One Response to A little bit of internet history being made… twicket!

  1. chris conder says:

    thanks, great post and summary of a wonderful day!
    the livestream is archived here if anyone would like to watch it: http://twicket.info/

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