‘Make a Noise’

Letter to ‘Times & Star’ published 7th October 2011


‘Make a Noise’

Many thanks to Bill Barnes for his kind and supportive words regarding the efforts being made to improve broadband services to Maryport and West Cumbria.

It has to be said that I am only a very small cog in a larger mechanism of people who are trying to secure superfast internet provision to the County as a whole.

I agree with many of the points which Bill has raised and share his pessimism, not so much with technical advances (these will all become much simpler and user-friendly in the future), but that our communities will be forgotten or ignored within this process. There is a real opportunity here to encourage suppliers to install an infrastructure which equals the rest of the country and as a consequence we will be well placed and capable of taking advantage of any technological developments in years to come.

Maryport has had more than it’s fair share of empty and broken promises and I am simply ‘banging the drum’ to make sure Maryport and West Cumbria are not left behind or forgotten. Help us make some noise, find out more and leave your comments on: http://maryport.broadbandcumbria.com

Councillor Andy Long

Netherhall Ward

Maryport Town Council




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