BT to light up Penrith’s cabinets

13:00 in News by Louis Mosley

BT has announced that Penrith will be the first area of Cumbria to benefit from the next phase of its fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout.

Photo by @eleda1 on flickr

This is a completely separate initiative to the BDUK pilot.

The announcement follows last month’s news that BT would begin to include rural market towns in the next phase of its £2.5bn FTTC broadband roll-out.

Rory Stewart MP welcomed the announcement:

“This is a great first step in our campaign to get Cumbria the fastest broadband network in Europe. Our needs are unique because of our sparse population and we’ve been ignored for too long.

Penrith businesses will really benefit from faster broadband speeds and greater market access. So too will vulnerable communities such as the elderly and students. It brings a very welcome economic boost at this difficult time.

BT are to be congratulated for their investment. Let’s now push on together to get super-fast broadband for our rural villages as well.”

Not everyone in Penrith will be able to get access to faster broadband via BT’s FTTC immediately, but the improvement  for the majority of Penrith’s residents after Spring 2012 could be significant.

To read BT’s full press release please click here.