Your privacy

This page explains broadbandcumbria’s privacy policy. Find out how broadbandcumbria will use and protect any information about you that you provide when you visit this website.

The Data Protection Act

Under the Data Protection Act, broadbandcumbria has a legal duty to protect any information they collect from you. Broadbandcumbria keeps strict security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it.

What information does broadbandcumbria collect?

♦ Broadbandcumbria collects the following kinds of information from visitors:

♦ feedback (through visitors emailing broadbandcumbria)]

♦ queries and survey results (via the broadbandcumbria website)

♦site usage information, using cookies and page tagging techniques including JavaScript

♦ Personal details of people who register on the site

How broadbandcumbria uses your information

Information collected by broadbandcumbria is used to:

♦ improve the content of broadbandcumbria

♦ change the content and/or layout of broadbandcumbria

♦ tell visitors (with their permission) about updates to broadbandcumbria

♦ tell visitors (with their permission) about updates on the broadband campaign and other community projects

♦ contact visitors to respond to their queries

Broadbandcumbria does not share this information with other organisations for marketing, market research or other commercial purposes.

However, broadbandcumbria may share some of your personal details (e.g. your postcode) with the appropriate government department, executive agency, non-departmental public body, or communications provider. This is so that broadbandcumbria can help you with your query and your quest to get Cumbria the best superfast broadband in Europe.

Site usage information


Cookies are pieces of data created when you visit a website, which are stored in the cookies directory of your computer. Cookies are created when you visit broadbandcumbria. Broadbandcumbria cookies store a random number on your computer to help broadbandcumbria count the number of times visitors return to the site.

The cookies do not contain any personal information about you, and they can’t be used to identify an individual person.

Page tagging

Broadbandcumbria uses JavaScript (a computer language) to pull together and examine how people use the broadbandcumbria website. Broadbandcumbria uses this information to improve the layout of the website and the information on it. This process doesn’t collect any personal or identifiable information about visitors.

What happens when you follow a link to another website?

Keeping your data safe

Broadbandcumbria doesn’t pass on your personal information to any other website.

Broadbandcumbria contains links to websites of government departments and other organisations. This privacy policy applies only to the broadbandcumbria website. When you link to another website you should read the privacy policy on that website. Broadbandcumbria doesn’t pass on any of your personal information to other websites (see ‘What information does broadbandcumbria collect?’ above).

What happens when you come to the broadbandcumbria website from another website?

When you come to the broadbandcumbria website from a link on another website broadbandcumbria may get personal information about you from the other website. You should read the privacy policy of websites you visit that link you to broadbandcumbria. These policies will explain how they collect and use your personal information and whether they pass this onto websites they link you to.

Access to your information and contacting broadbandcumbria

You can contact broadbandcumbria to see records of correspondence you’ve sent them, or if you have a query or complaint about this privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy

If this privacy policy changes, broadbandcumbria will update this page. You should visit this page regularly so you know:

♦ what personal information broadbandcumbria collects

how broadbandcumbria uses your personal information

♦ when (if ever) broadbandcumbria shares your personal information with someone else