Work from home, find a new job, develop your career, make the most of smart work centres.

The ability to work from home will transform employment options in Cumbria. Broadband will make it possible to work remotely, whether that’s every day, for a company based in Newcastle or London - or from time to time - maybe during school holidays or heavy snowfall.

Teleworking means less time and money spent on commuting and access to a much broader range of job options. When combined with other forms of flexible working it can mean a real improvement in work-life balance, make it easier do things like to pick up the children from school, shop outside peak hours and take a more active role in the local community.

Working from home isn’t for everyone though. Another option is local broadband-enabled smart work centres, for example in village halls - which would give tele-commuting employees and small business owners access to the amenities and social benefits of a workplace without having a long commute.

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Fast internet access also has big benefits for jobseekers. Thousands of jobs are advertised online every day, with specialist websites catering to different professions as well as general job vacancies. You’ll also find loads of great tips for writing the perfect CV, improving your interview technique and increasing your chances of getting that promotion. If you’re unemployed, looking for a new job or even a completely new career, going online will massively increase your chances of getting the job that you want.