questions for communities

How could you help the roll out of broadband in your Parish?

What practical things could you or members of your community do to lower the cost of roll out?

For instance:

  • Could you the spare time to find a suitable location for communications equipment (a hub or a mast)?
  • Could you negotiate planning permission for communications equipment (hub or mast)?
  • Could you offer to waive wayleaves or negotiate with a landowner to do so?
  • Could you dig (civils), duct and cable?

Demand stimulation?

In the community:

  • What could you do to research demand for broadband in your community?
  • What could you do to drive up demand for broadband in your community?
  • What could you do to help neighbours or others in the community who have never used computers?

On behalf of a supplier:

  • What could you do to encourage others in your community to work with you or a supplier in the ways mentioned above?

On behalf of a local authority:

  • What could you do to help local authorities to transform the way they deliver local services by using the digital technology?
  • What could you do to take fullest advantage of your internet connection: economically and socially?

Building & running your own network?

  • Having heard Miles, do you think your community would be interested in following a similar path? Would your community be interested to own/share, manage, build, and operate its own local access network?

To think about:

  • Your community’s network would become the de facto network provider, replacing a national provider. How could you show that everyone in the community was willing to be served by such a network?
  • The sustainability of your community’s network would rest upon a few individuals like Miles Mandelson. Who within your community could play this role? How could you ensure that the network remained sustainable over the long-term?