Parish Consultation

Join the growing list of Cumbrian parishes that have given their full backing to plans to give every single resident Next Generation Access Broadband.

A step-by-step Guide:

Parish councils should consult with their communities on the proposals, particularly if they intend to raise precepts. Consultation might include:

1. Inviting members of the public attending parish council meetings and allocating time for public participation.

2. Holding an annual parish electors meeting. The Chairman of a PC can call an electors meeting at any time in the year to discuss parish affairs. Public notice of the meeting must be made in conspicuous places around the parish. Decisions can be taken at this meeting by the majority of those present. Also at this meeting a poll may be demanded on any question by 10 or one third of the electors present, whichever is the less. A poll is then carried on behalf of the parish council by the principal council out using election rules. The results of the poll are non binding. These procedures also apply to Parish Meetings that do not have a parish council.

3. There are other informal ways parish councils and parish meetings can communicate. The council could consult by a letter drop of all houses in the parish. Parish councils and Parish Meetings could publicise their activities in the local press; or in local libraries, shops and/or other public places. The parish council might have its own newsletter in which to inform/consult on its activities. The council might also have a weblog on its website - although this might be restrictive, so other means of communication would also need to be considered.