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    Daniel Heery - - "Yesterday I attended the Cumbria County Council ICT supplier engagement day. This was for companies interested in taking over the contract to manage all of the County Council’s ICT services. Key points were: • The service is being broken into different bundles – supply of the desktop support through to management of the CLEO network. • The procurement is being dovetailed into BDUK project. • The data network element of the project is a separate bundle which will be demarcated at a cabinet in the community or “digital village pump.” • CCC expect to see a return on the investment for the service connecting the village pump. Beyond the digital village pump, a framework agreement will be put in place to connect communities. Communities would have the flexibility to choose their own suppliers to carry out the connections to homes and premises, providing those suppliers meet the criteria set out by the County Council. Where are the bear traps for communities? A winning supplier could price connections to communities at a market rate or higher than market rate – reinforcing the existing price problems that make the cost of Mb/month hundreds of times more expensive in rural Cumbria than it would be in Manchester. This could damage the viability of nascent projects. Innovative pricing models such as a per user charge could, start low and increase as take up increases. Alternatively, low cost connectivity for the first 3 years would allow independent networks to build customer numbers and provide a better return in the long run. From a digital inclusion point of view – what will contractors do with CCC’s old PCs – could they be recycled into […] "View
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    Charmi McCutcheon - - "Why doesn’t this website appear in Find my […] "View
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    Claire - - "if you are interested in becoming the Broadband Champion for Greysouthen Parish please let me […] "View
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  • Mike Slee - - "Askham & Helton broadband campaign meeting in Askham Village Hall at 12.30 on Saturday 14th May 2011 with Rory Stewart lending his […] "View
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    chris conder - - "The #B4RN “The One Show” Feature, has been posted. Read it here: #DigitalBritain” Honest words from […] "View
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    Charles Paxton - - "Helen Jeffrey (an MA student in Management at Kingston University Business school) has asked me to encourage more of us to participate in her online survey. Also she’d like to interview broadband champions involved in the Pilot studies in November, as she’ll need to spend most of her Christmas break working on her dissertation. She’s hoping to gain insight into how people perceive the effectiveness of online social media and specifically the case of as used in support of the local rural broadband initiative. She thinks each interview will take about an hour. Her thesis looks very interesting and I am certainly willing to […] "View
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    Dave Whitehead - - "Bidders for the Cumbria Broadband cash whittled down to three:- BT Global Services Cable and […] "View
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    Anne Nichols - - "Campaigning for better broadband speeds across the whole Burton exchange area. Some places are dire […] "View
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  • Mike Pye - - "For everyone who missed this the first time round - EU document on Project Access UK Government (State Aid) funding. EUROPEAN COMMISSION Brussels, 10.12.2003 State Aid N 282/2003 – United Kingdom “Cumbria Broadband – Project Access – Advancing Communication for Cumbria and Enabling Sustainable […] "View
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    Kate Norman - - "Today is the launch of B4RN you can follow along online if you cant make it with the social media content - Twitter might be a good place to start;!/search/%23B4RN Also take a look at the B4RN website for latest news; […] "View
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    Helen Jeffrey - - " – survey I am looking into the effectiveness of online social media in supporting volunteer engagement as part of my MA in management. I would like to invite all users of to contribute by taking part in a short online […] "View
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