Fibre GarDen

fibre GarDen is the Garsdale and Dentdale broadband delivery initiative.

This initiative commenced in 2008 when the Dentdale Parish Development Plan identified the provision of broadband as a key initiative to secure the long-term economic and social well-being of Dentdale. In 2010, Garsdale and Dentdale agreed to work together on this initiative, recognising that the skill sets found in the two dales were complimentary in the delivery of broadband to the combined communities.

fibre GarDen has agreed the following objectives against which the success of the project will be measured. Broadband provision in Garsdale and Dentdale will:

  • be future-proof
  • be 100% inclusive of all properties in the dales to maintain community cohesion
  • provide infrastructure which supports a range of uses determined by the user
  • be under community control

fibre GarDen is formally recognised by both Garsdale and Dentdale Parish Councils, both of which have members sitting on the steering committee. Members of the fibre GarDen steering group include industry leaders in fibre optic networks and national broadband provision and have experience in fund-raising, lobbying and Communications.

fibre GarDen proposes to provide optic fibre to each property in both dales and a broadband service at an operational cost which matches that in commercially viable areas. This is the only future-proof solution and is essential in securing the long term future of the dales by matching the communication infrastructure of urban areas. We propose to achieve this by securing capital funding for network construction and through competitive tendering for backhaul and maintenance services. The network will be overseen by a Community Interest Company.

fibre GarDen is at an advanced stage of developing its business model to support its proposition.

Further information may be obtained from:

Anne Fleck, Broadband Pioneer, Dentdale.
Email: [email protected]


Tony Roberts, Broadband Pioneer, Garsdale

Email: [email protected]