The availability of Next Generation Access (NGA) super-fast broadband for the whole of Garsdale is a real possibility given recent developments that you can find on the rest of this and the Broadband Cumbria site but it will only be reality if everyone takes part and supports the Steering Group.  Survey forms have been sent out to those who we have email addresses for, if you have not had one but would like to assist in the collection and collation of vital data for the potential provider then please do contact me. [email protected]

02 March 2011 Michael Roper (Chair of Garsdale Parish Council) will join Tony Roberts (Garsdale Councillor and Broadband Champion) at the next Steering Group meeting to be held at Lyon Equipment in Dent.

24 Jan 2011 - Garsdale Parish Council gave their full support for the provision of NGA super-fast broadband in the Garsdale Parish area. A Parish newsletter and a new Parish website are to be published in the very near future promoting all the Councils activities and to seek the support of residents in securing super-fast broadband by the end of this year.

24 Jan 2011 Garsdale Parish Council have a vital role in this project and will be discussing it further at their meeting on the 24th Jan and the Village Hall.

In the meantime take a look at this map of the Garsdale area, find your own property and add any additional information.  This resource will be used to assist in a mapping exercise for the delivery of super-fast broadband.