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    As a volunteer job, I’m running a landscape protection hub website http://www.salt-homepage.org.uk - if your community is afflicted with wind turbine problems, please get in touch.

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      Kate Norman · 3 weeks ago

      Can I just say – I think Charles Paxton is great.

      I will be passing on the details of this website to a lady who is a friend of my mum’s a lives not to far away. She is trying to ready herself for the return for a third (?) time of the Newlands Windfarm Application and Cumwhinton near Carlilse http://www.againstnewlandswindfarm.co.uk/ – The residents have previously raised more than 21k via fundraising events to pay for the legal might to overturn chancers like these hoping to make a buck at the expense of residents and communities. I am appalled at the state of play with windfarms in the Cumbrian Landscape.

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        Charles Paxton · 2 weeks, 6 days ago

        Thanks very much Kate. I’m pleased to say that there are many good people stepping forward to prevent our region from being ruined. That’s a great community at Cumwhinton - they won’t roll over and wave the white flag.
        Our local residents are suffering the threat too with the Reagill and Sleagill scheme - http://www.carst.info
        Thankfully, our MP, Rory Stewart has taken a stand to preserve Eden landscape - see this week’s Herald for his column, it’s the best appraisal of the scenario yet made.

        We can use IT to help local environmental conservation.