The Big Mobile Broadband Debate

08:38 in News by Louis Mosley

This week is a unique chance finally to get decent mobile and broadband coverage for Britain. At the beginning of next year, the government is holding an auction which will determine what percentage of the population gets mobile coverage. Currently they are aiming for 95%, but this leaves over 3 million people off line and out of reception.

Slow broadband connections and lack of mobile reception damages local businesses, isolates communities, and distances families, most especially in rural areas. We need to urge the government to push for a much higher percentage – preferable 100% .

On Thursday 19 May, the Backbench MPs, led by Rory Stewart, are holding a debate on the subject in the House of Commons.

Now is the time to write to your MP, ring your MP, email your MP, tweet you MP, and urge them to go to the debate and support the motion to increase broadband and mobile phone coverage throughout Britain.

Time is running out and this is our very last chance. Don’t let it slip away!