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    We believe broad band is a Human Right
    firstly what is C.H.I.P.S
    Cumbria Highspeed Internet Provider Solutions.
    We hope the icon represents the following
    ’To achieve our goal of highspeed broadband by holding out our hands to support fellow members and thus, standing together achieve this one objective’
    This may, superficially, sound obvious, but most superficially sounding ideas have a context and Aileen and I would like to propose that the Eden declaration should be viewed through its SPEc (Social,Political and Economic context). By looking at this fantastic push for broadband in this all-encompassing light we can see that the benefits for every aspect of the SPEc make the requirement for broadband little less than a human right. Finland got there first and have enshrined the right in their constitution.
    Even ‘Our oldest enemy’ France and the BBC research in the UK are not far behind in thinking this..
    Is it possible others see this as the ‘preface’ of the Eden Declaration and if you agree we can discuss the implications.