This page contains reports and policy plans relevant to broadband in Cumbria and across the UK.

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 width=130Digital Britain report, June 2009

The report that first laid out the vision for a universal service commitment and next generation broadband in the UK



 width=130Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future, December 2010

BDUK’s most recent report outlining the government’s broadband strategy.



 width=130INCA: Beyond Broadband

The Independent Networks Co-Operative association guide to community broadband



 width=130Miles Mandelson’s Parish Guide

Miles Mandelson, chairman of Great Asby Broadband, outlines a strategy for bringing next generation high speed broadband to rural Cumbria.



 width=130EU Digital Agenda 2020EU Digital Agenda 2020The EU’s grand vision for Internet provision in Europe in 2020. It also has specific timelines and actions. Getting the best broadband in Europe means reaching these targets before anyone else.



 width=130The Eden Declaration, November 2010

The Eden Declaration, in PDF form



 width=130Mind the Gap: Digital England - a rural perspective, June 2009

A landmark report from the CRC on broadband availability and digital inclusion in rural Britain. Full of useful advice, case studies and recommendations for rural communities and government.



 width=130Champion for Digital Inclusion: the economic case for digital inclusion, October 2009

A PWC report that estimates the economic and social benefits – the so-called ‘digital dividend’ – of getting everyone online.



 width=130Manifesto for a Networked Nation, July 2010

Race Online‘s manifesto is a rallying cry for us all to create a truly networked nation and a chance to get millions more people online by the end of 2012.



 width=130Digital Scotland Report, October 2010

A brilliant vision for next generation broadband in Scotland, packed with useful information and advice for everyone.



 width=130RaceOnline’s list of online-only services

A snap shot of some of the many government and consumer services now only available online.



 width=130Healthcare without walls, November 2010

A fascinating report designed to inform the future NHS strategy for tele-health.




A short BBC feature on Ashby Broadband, a community-owned network in Lincolnshire.

Presentations from the first meeting of Broadband Champions

Vision for hyper-connected communities - Simon Jones (CISCO). Powerpoint here, video here.

The Story of Great Asby Broadband - Miles Mandelson, John Bevan (Great Asby Broadband). Powerpoint here, videos here, here and here.

Building a powerful online voice for communities  - Nicky Getgood (Talk About Local). Powerpoint here. Watch the video here.