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Benefits of Broadband

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Questions or ideas about the benefits of broadband? What does having broadband mean to you?

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  • Profile picture of chris conder chris conder said 1 year, 5 months ago ago:

    We are a small community CIC wifi network. We serve a 10km area with no ADSL, no mobile worth mentioning, and limited satellite access due to south facing hills. No 3g.
    We have 23 homes and businesses on our network. We have been running it ourselves for 8 years, as despite the promises of the telcos no connections are possible for us due to no spare copper pairs and the distance from the exchange.

    For 8 years we have only been able to have a 2meg symmetrical feed.
    This hasn’t been enough for the last 5 years, and our customers can’t stream video or all the other things they want to do.

    We want to buy more backhaul, but as soon as we do the customers will start to use it. Naturally. Games, socialising, working, films and music.

    My question is, how much do we need, how much does it cost, how do we get the feed to us, and how futureproof can we make our network when there are so few of us and we are so spread about.


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