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    Just checked my phone number and postcode on the samknows checker. It says adsl2max is available in my area. That is totally inaccurate, our exchange is adsl which means ’up to 8meg’ and we can’t get a meg despite engineer visits and my neighbours are on dial up. So all the maps are inaccurate, possibly because they use data from BT. Are they still using the old marconi database that conned the last government into believing we all had access to broadband?

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      Phil Thompson · 4 days, 9 hours ago

      funny that when I put your number and postcode into Samknows it says :

      The following services are available in your location:

      BT Wholesale ADSL
      BT Wholesale ADSL Max

      (cut & paste)

      You are aware that ADSLMax is the up to 8M variable rate service, and the ADSL refers to the fixed speed services ? Perhaps the 2 that you imagined put you off the scent - should have gone to specsavers :-)

      Here’s what the other BT options look like, for future reference :-

      BT Wholesale WBC (21CN) <- ADSL2+ variable rate
      BT FTTC <- VDSL2+ variable rate

      and did you ever try to get ADSL ? and aren't your neighbours on wireless or fibre ?