• Libby Bateman posted an update: 4 months ago

    Build & Benefit - In a nut shell
    The community decide where it wants to build a fibre network, using local knowledge to create the course of least resistance, both physical and bureaucratically. The supplier takes its asset (ducting) to the community and the community dig it in. The supplier own the asset and continue to own the asset when it is put in the ground, nobody is giving anything to anyone. The community do the civils - they dig a hole and fill it back up again. The community benefit from the work that they have done, but have nothing left to own (the hole they dug is now filled in again). So where are the state aid issues? The benefit remains with the community and the asset remains with the supplier - the community use the public funding to contract some of the civils and do some on its own - 7 miles is a long way to dig with a shovel - we need to get a digger at some point!
    So no more of this state aid nonsense - this is supposed to be about removing barriers. So it would be better if the people who keep telling us that we can’t do this please step out of the way because we are coming at speed and it is going to hurt if we collide.