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    The first mountain bikes did not have clipless pedals, which makes it very difficult to get your feet on the footrest, if necessary. This makes it very dangerous because the pilot was forced at times to go with his mountain bike when he destroyed. When clipless pedals were invented, made of course in mountain biking. Riders can easily turn the pedals, or if there is enough force to separate the shoes and pedals without twisting of the foot.

    If you like to ride is just for you and your bike without pedals, and then you want to see the mountain bike shoes that are compatible with Shimano pedaling Dynamics (SPD), however. All you have to do is leave the lid where it laid untouched the tunnel. This gives you the opportunity to go automatic later if you wish. If you have clipless pedals is that you want to make sure that the shoes that are specific to mountain bike pedals.

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