NextGenUs install mast at Sleagill

11:22 in Announcement by broadbandcumbria

L-R: Joan Raine (Eden District Council), Martin Butcher (Kryton TV), Guy Jarvis, Simon Davison, Craig Brass (all NextGenUs)

Congratulations to Guy Jarvis (@fibreguy), Craig Brass (@craigbrass) and their team at NextGenUs for successfully installing a wireless node at High Murber Farm, Sleagill. The core node will provide backhaul for wireless nodes at Murton, Blencarn, Dufton, Milburn, Great Salkeld and Cliburn, and NextGenUs hope to increase speeds from 0.3Mbps to a top speed of 75Mbps, with peak time speeds of 25Mbps.

NextGenUs will be making announcements as progress continues on the network, so keep an eye on their blog.