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    and when you click on the link it lists providers offering you up to 20 meg. same on think broadband site. Yup, we’ve got adsl, but it is often 0.3 download. Neighbours had it too, for about 2 months out of the 12, the rest it was broken. Yes our neighbours and us are on our fibre/wifi network now, but does that mean I can’t comment on this blog? I am trying to get the correct facts on the maps. I think you can help Phil, because you are good at facts. Just putting a number into a checker isn’t getting the facts, because the wrong data is in there to start with. We need real people checking these maps.

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      Phil Thompson · 5 days, 16 hours ago

      If you’re neighbours and you are on fibre and wifi you can’t really post that they are on dialup, as it isn’t true. I think this would be regarded as misleading ?

      Have you actually got ADSL ?

      You would have to go back to the source of the map to query the basis on which it was produced, or indeed what it is intending to show. Samknows and ISP sites are more reliable indicators of current availability.

      I’m not motivated to help improve maps, notspot surveys have been done and data collected ad nauseam. If there isn’t a policy in place to address every case then there’s no point in creating the inputs to such a policy.

      One thing that would be easy to map is the availability of satellite broadband for under £50/month at 1,2 and 4Mbits/s. Anyone on dialup needs to be made aware of the satellite alternative, if they’re serious dialup users it could even be cheaper !