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    Out of curiosity I’ve been trying to put some numbers on what an FTTC rollout would look like and I seem to be missing something.
    Firstly some backgound. There are 24 telephone exchanges in the Eden District serving around 52000 people across 23000 premises. So my question was how many could be served by FTTC?
    I’ve looked at the PCPs associated with the 24 exchanges, there are 91 as far as I can establish. According to my data those 91 PCPs serve only 8239 properties (half are in Penrith with 32 PCPs. Now I know that a load of properties are connected direct to the exchange and dont go via a PCP but if my sums are right is that 23000-8239=14761 properties. Now given that VDSL2 cannot be deployed on lines connected directly to the exchange and it looks like a big majority of Eden Valley properties could not get FTTC service. If we also assume that for NGA it has to be at least xxMbs and we further knock off those properties more than about x.xKm from the serving PCP which would be too far out the numbers look even worse.
    Am I missing something? Could FTTC rollout really deliver such poor numbers? Even if BT did 25% of the exchange with FTTH it still wouldnt give us anything like a 90% delivery?